Isla Gorgona

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The island Gorgona measures 24 km2 and is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a paradise in diversity and a priceless spot for scientific research. The island belongs to the Cauca department and once had a negative reputation, due to the maximum security prison located on it. One year after closing the prison in 1984 Gorgona was designated as natural reserve to protect the native flora and fauna which partly is endangered. Here one can find typical rainforest species, corals, migratory bird species and an enormous diversity in the sea as well as inland.
Gorgona is not only a paradise for scientists who travel to the island to study rare species, which only exist on the island. Also traveler and nature-lover enjoy their stay on the island: There are ecological and educational nature trails, lush flora and fauna, amazing beaches, archeological remains and historical ruins. Furthermore, one can go snorkeling and scuba diving. Beyond that, the park offers (mostly in the afro-Colombian community Guapi at the Pacific Coast) an interesting culture and a diversified and delicious cuisine.